Hanoi 3 Seasons and Friends invite you to

A Northern Vietnamese Dinner 

 in support of the Golden Age Village for the Elderly.

When:  Monday August 15th 2016

Where:  Hanoi 3 Seasons at 1135 Queen st E (Between Carlaw and Jones)


1st Seating: 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm

2nd Seating: 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm


PRIX-FIX MENU ($25/pp)

All You Can Eat Appetizers   

1.  Fresh Shrimp rolls
2.  Shrimp Crackers
3.  Spring Rolls            
4.  Crispy Mini Shrimps
5.  Spicy baby clams with Black Sesame Rice Crackers
Main Entrée (Your Choice of 1 Entrée)
1.  Hanoi 3 Seasons Grouper  – Grouper served with Fresh cut lettuce and Asian herbs or in soup.
2.  Buddhist's treat: Stir-fried Vegetarian glass noodle with Viet Celery and King Mushroom.
3. Chicken with Lemon Glass and Coconut milk served with Vermicelli or Steamed Rice.
4.  Phở Chay:  Vegetable n Tofu Soup.
Drinks & Desserts
1. Exotic flavour Ice-cream
2. Home-made Limeade/Lemonade
3. Herbal Tea

Please RSVP your choice of seating session by Friday August 12th 

~ Hai Luke Tran: 416-469-3010 / 647 969 3010 or

Thank you for your support!

Hanoi 3 Seasons Restaurant and Friends